In the weeks and months since Faith without Fear was launched, a number of articles have been published, which pick up themes developed more fully in the book.  There have also been radio and television interviews, highlighting aspects of the book, and also some of its unexpected consequences, including the non-renewal of a General Licence to preach and preside in churches within the Sydney Anglican Diocese [if you are interested, there is a time-line of that whole process, checked for accuracy by Bishop Michael Stead and Archbishop Glenn Davies, available on request]

22 March 2016: Guardian article: ‘The Bible is the true prejudice in Christian opposition to marriage equality.’


26 May: ABC Religion and Ethics Opinion Piece:  ‘Christian opposition to the Safe Schools program: an opportunity missed.’


12 June: Interviewed about Faith without Fear on ABC’s Sunday Nights program by Noel Debien.—keith-mascord/7510114


28 September: ABC’s The Drum: interview by Julia Baird, with Fr Rod Bower:


3 October 2016: again on Sunday Nights with Noel Debien, this time exploring the decision of the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies, to not renew my lapsed General Licence (to preside, preach and minister within Sydney Anglican Churches).


7 October: ABC Religion and Ethics OP: ‘The ever shrinking case against same-sex marriage.’


8 October: Sydney Morning Herald/The Age OP by Elizabeth Farrelly: ‘When the Anglican Church can’t follow its own code.’



12 October: ABC news item: The following petition by 58 Anglican priests and church leaders from around Australia picks up the issue of allowing freedom to talk openly and without punishment about homosexuality and marriage equality.