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    Keith Mascord

Faith without Fear – Paperback

by: Keith Mascord

Faith without Fear is, in many ways, a sequel to A Restless Faith. It seeks to answer questions put to the author in the aftermath of writing his earlier book.


Meet the Author
Keith Mascord
Keith Mascord is Canadian-born, but thoroughly Australian in his love for cricket, rugby and rugby league. He works as a parole officer, is an Anglican priest, and enjoys writing and reading on his way to work in air-conditioned public transport. Click for more
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About This Book

Keith’s second book, Faith without Fear, asks whether Christianity has the wherewithal to meet the increasingly acute intellectual and moral challenges currently facing it, and whether it can shed the reactive fear which now grips its more conservative forms. Major topics of the book include same-sex marriage, patriarchal push-back and the sociology of conservatism. The book seeks to demonstrate the inadequacy and damaging impact of older ways of reading the Bible, and to plot what some will consider a risky way forward for 21st century Christians.

What some have said about Faith without Fear:

A powerful and arresting book … with a message for all Christians everywhere – Hon. Michael Kirby

A highly significant work for global Christianity – Rev. Dr David P. Gushee

This invaluable gift is a number one recommendation from me for 2016 – Dr Val Webb

A warm, wise and accessible book – Professor Marion Maddox

Well written, passionately argued, but at times bewildering – Hon. Kristina Keneally

A ‘must read’ for all Australian Anglicans – Dr Muriel Porter

Maps the contours of a fearless, intelligent and humble faith – Bishop Stephen Pickard

Those looking for simple answers … won’t find them in this book – Father Dave Smith

Sure to stimulate a re-think of pressing questions facing today’s faith communities – Dr Lindsay Stoddart

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“Faith without Fear – Paperback”

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